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What Patients Say About Us Lung & Heart Institute

Manoharlal Kalwani


Dear Doctors, very very thanks for your treatment. I was admitted in your hospital for suffering from cough. Now I am feelings very good. Hospital staff were very good. All type of services, food & house keeping were very good. I am completely satisfied.

Ravindra Upwani


My wife Rekhaben Upwani was admitted in the midnight on last Sunday for hypertension & breathing problem in ICU. She got the best treatment within 10 minutes which helped her for the quick recovery. Their diagnosis was really good. All the doctors, Nurses & administrative staff were very helpful. Special thanks to Dr. C.M.Shah & Dr. Arpan Shah under whose guidance patients are treated with speddy recovery. We are really proud of this hospital which provides very good treatment.

Gautam Pathak


I have never been admitted to hospital (except accidental case). I think and I feel that the environment of hospital is very neat and clean. Hospital services and food facilities were too good.

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