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Full Body Checkup Provider Hospitals in Vadodara

Just like everything else that exudes health and beauty, there is always a threat lurking around our health. By periodic health check-ups and screenings, you are taking steps that help your chances for living a longer, healthier life.

PLHI has devised special health check-up plans to keep ill-health away with timely diagnosis, treatment and health management.

Following Health Check up plans are available 

➣ Basic Cardio-Pulmonary Health Check up Plan (Basic Screening of Pulmonary and Cardiac Risk factors)

➣ Executive Health Check up Plan ( Especially planned for Executives )

➣ Comprehensive Health Check up Plan

Important Guideline for Patients availing Health Check up plans :

➣ All Checkups need prior appointments

➣ Bring all your prior Medical Records along with you.

➣ Arrive atleast 10 minutes before appointment time for Health checkup

➣ No food or drink or smoking or alcohol should be consumed 12 hours before checkup.

➣ Extra test or consultation will be done with your consent and will be charged extra

Pathology Lab

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