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Donation & Charity

Our Foundation

PHLI foundation is established to provide philanthropic support to the needy patients. Our mission is to provide safe, quality, cost-effective healthcare services to our patients, regardless of their ability to pay and we strive to abide by this through donations in various forms like monetary help, medicines, clothing, post-discharge medical support etc.

Make a donation

PLI gives you the opportunity to make a donation to our Foundations while paying tribute to your doctor, nurse or caregiver who has touched your life in a special way. You will receive an acknowledgment letter announcing that a donation has been made in your honor.

If you would like to make a donation, please complete the tribute form, see your healthcare provider or contact the Foundation at +91 98251 07362.

Volunteer with US

PLI volunteers are one of our most values resources. Volunteers bring our patients and their families comfort and care during patient's hospital stay and throughout the healing process. Interested candidates can volunteer with areas of their interest in the hospital. If you wish to volunteer with us, please call us on +91 9825107362

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