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Threat of Coronavirus for Heart Patients

In this unthinkable time, the world is devasted, medical facilities are stretched to the hilt, and frontline workers are putting their lives on stake each day. They go out to battle the common enemy: Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This blog will seek to provide a few highlights on what you should know if you or anyone else has pre-existing cardiovascular issues, to protect oneself in the coronavirus pandemic. We have the best cardiologists to treat the cardiovascular problems of the patients with their unmatched skills and our high-end technology.

Considering the COVID-19 scenario, we sanitise the floors and equipment regularly. We have a separate the COVID-19 ward for the infected patients to curb the disease from spreading. We also provide physiotherapy treatment to COVID-19 patients to help them recover soon.

The primary question anyone with cardiovascular issues will ask if he/she is more likely to contract the virus due to pre-existing health issues. Heart patients who are considered to be at more risk due to COVID-19:

  • History of heart attack or stroke.

  • Heart valve disease.

  • Peripheral artery disease.

  • Chronic heart failure.

  • Narrowed blood vessels because of plague build-up.

  • Conditions impacting heart rhythms, including atrial fibrillation.

Heart patients need to be more vigilant and take extra care while following standard precautions.

For people over 65 years of age with coronary heart disease are more likely to develop severe symptoms. The virus's main target is the lungs. But that could affect the heart, especially a diseased heart, which has to work harder to get oxygenated blood throughout the body. You need to get yourself checked if you are facing breathing or irregular heartbeats.

Observe your irregular heartbeats, consult a doctor who after analysing can suggest you an irregular heartbeat treatment.

Read more in detail on irregular heartbeat.

Moreover, the immune system weakens for people who face underlying heart issues. Thus, when such a person catches a virus, it is likely to stick around and cause complications. The virus may pose a specific risk for people who have fatty build-up, known as a plague in their arteries.

The theoretical proposition for those with heart diseases in case they get coronavirus: they will most likely display and experience much more severe symptoms in case they are infected. It is still are unclear whether there will be a higher risk of death as the virus kills through chest infection/pneumonia in its final stage and only a fraction of those infected lose their lives to the virus.

The other milder, more common symptoms of coronavirus are likely to be experienced similarly by people who have cardiovascular disease.

For regular heart check-up, consult out best cardiologist in Vadodara. Know more about our cardiac services.

In case someone gets the virus, they would want to know if the virus will infect them with more severe and severe symptoms compared to those who were comparatively healthy before contracting COVID-19. Additionally, the virus is infecting indiscriminating through droplets in the air or on surfaces, transmitted by sneezing, coughing or talking nearby.

If a person gets coronavirus, the foremost thing it targets is the lungs, setting off an inflammatory response which can stress the cardiovascular system. Firstly, the oxygen level in the body will fall when infected with respiratory disease. Then, the provocative nature of COVID-19 will cause a reduction in blood pressure as the heart will have to beat and pump harder in both scenarios to supply oxygen to the body.

Other groups susceptible to lower lung function include those patients who have undergone an organ transplant, those receiving chemotherapy, those with concomitant leukaemia or lymphoma suffering heart diseases are theoretically at the highest risk of contracting coronavirus on heart patients and succumbing to the same. We have heart specialists who can guide you with precautions and treatment for you.

Moreover, the elderly are most susceptible, and this is even more so in the case of older adults with cardiovascular disease. The same applies to pregnant women. Patients with severe heart problems like heart failure dilated cardiomyopathy; to name a few, are at the highest risk.

We are known as one of the best lungs and heart hospitals in Vadodara for our expert team and facilities. In COVID-19 scenario, we have a separate ward with adequate resources and treatments for their quick recovery.

Another relevant question that should be asked is whether COVID-19 infection can cause heart attacks and the like.

Can other diseases like hypertension or diabetes with heart issues lead to more risk and higher mortality?

Both diabetes and hypertension are relatively common among people aged over 60, and the elderly are at highest risk from coronavirus.

People with cardiovascular issues are more likely to die if they contact coronavirus?

No, the disease infects without discrimination and severity of symptoms are subject to the individual more than anything else. Numerous heart patients who were suffering from COVID-19 are fully recovered and are now healthy and immune.

Should people with hypertension or heart conditions stop taking the prescribed medicines to decrease their risk of severe coronavirus? Consult our heart specialists.

It is strongly recommended for the patients to continue their medicines as prescribed to them and to pause them unless they are advised differently by their doctors.

Additionally, there is no evidence that medicines prescribed for blood pressure and heart conditions would grow the risk of COVID-19. Besides, stopping the medications takes a toll on the patient's health and could make the situation even worse.

As the prescribed medicines are beneficial to keep the high blood pressure under control and prevent a stroke and heart attack, patients should continue their medication until they are asked to stop or switch them by their doctor.

Before taking any measures, consult our qualified and best cardiologist.

Know about the impact of COVID-19 on lungs.


With people with or without any disease or condition, all people alike; should follow all guidelines provided and maintain social distancing in accordance to avoid contracting COVID-19, this is the only and best advice available at the moment.

COVID-19 is still a comparatively new disease, and we are learning more who is most at risk of complications. People with or without any disease or condition, all people alike; should follow all guidelines provided and maintain social distancing to avoid contracting coronavirus, this is the only and best advice available at the moment.

Stay healthy, stay safe!

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