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Things to Know About Lung Condition to Beat Covid

Let's start with some facts!

The novel coronavirus or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has infected over 11.79 million people around the world and killed over 543,000 individuals to date. Recently, India has seen a series of record spikes, adding tens of thousands of cases daily and has the world's third-highest caseload.

To control the spread of coronavirus, we need to take social shielding measures like limiting contact, practising social distancing, wearing a mask, washing hands and avoid touching.

Make sure you continue with your usual chronic bronchitis treatment as prescribed by your doctor.

The novel coronavirus becomes a serious threat to people with a lung condition like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and cystic fibrosis. (1)

Prevention is better than cure!

People with a long-term lung condition are bound to experience a flu jab every year, which increases your risk of severe illness from coronavirus. The virus loves density so you should limit the number of people who visit – especially when the cases are rising at such a fast pace.

Social distancing is mandatory to protect yourself from the deadly disease.

The COVID-19 virus directly affects the lungs and is fatal for people suffering from COPD and asthma. You need to manage your COPD well and adhere to an effective self-management plan to prevent yourself from being infected.

Let us give you a few handy tips that are the best defence against the complications of COVID-19.

1. Consume medications and inhalers as prescribed:

You must understand the situation and keep your disease under control. Never forget to take your inhaled medications, tablets, nebulisers as prescribed by your physician.

By doing so, you can reduce the risk of flare-up or acute exacerbation.

You may have read articles that steroid inhalers may make people susceptible to the virus. Well, no study proves the above statement.

If your healthcare professional has prescribed you to take steroid tablets regularly, then there’s no looking back. These tablets will help you to control inflammation caused in the lungs that may worsen your symptoms.

Never try to adjust your medications or therapy, unless advised by your professional. Get your chronic bronchitis treatment without any delay!

2. Continue with your breathing techniques:

If you have been using breathing techniques to bring up the sputum, then don’t stop using them. Speak to your physician about any related issues.

All these techniques should be done in a well-ventilated room in complete isolation. This is the best way to protect your family from breathing in any droplets that you breathe out.

Stay careful if you have elderly or children in your household.

3. Clean your equipment frequently:

You must use your inhaler correctly to receive the right dosage. There are a few steps you need to follow:

  • Remove the cap from the mouthpiece so that it’s free from dust and grime.

  • Hold it upright and give it a good shake.

  • Breath out gently and tilt your head slightly back.

  • Place the puffer in your mouth and close your mouth.

  • Breath in slowly and deeply through the mouth and press down the inhaler firmly on the canister to take in the medicine.

  • Continue to breathe in slowly and deeply.

  • Remove the inhaler and continue to hold your breath for about 5 seconds.

  • Exhale through the nose gently.

  • For the second puff, wait for a minute before continuing it and then restart with the same procedure.

  • Wash it regularly and dry it thoroughly before using it.

4. Follow proper hand washing etiquettes:

Wash your hands often for 20 seconds or use a sanitiser frequently.

Adhere to cleaning or sanitising things like face masks, nebulisers, spacers, peak flow meters, etc. regularly using cleansing liquids. In case you use non-invasive ventilation, use a well-ventilated room to perform your breathing therapy.

Thumb rule: Never share your equipment with anyone else.

5. Get help whenever you feel anxious or low:

Mental health is a taboo around the world. Never underestimate your depression for mood swings. During this unprecedented situation, it’s crucial to understand and get help for improving your mental health.

The government is also trying its best in helping people suffering from depression or anxiety. Try to detect these things at the earliest and get immediate help.

Scientists and doctors are advising people to quit smoking as smokers are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), smoking is linked to a higher risk of severe illness and death from the coronavirus in hospitalised patients. However, it was unable to specify precisely how greater those risks might be.

Do you wish to understand it in detail?

Smoking reduces the local respiratory defences in the bronchial system of your lungs, adversely impacts your immunity and makes you more prone to infection. It also results in an increase in diseases by smokers’ cough and hand-to-mouth contact.

Along with chronic bronchitis treatment, Pranayam Lung and Heart Institute also runs a smoking cessation clinic to help you quit smoking.

6. Perform physical activity regularly:

Only exercising isn’t alone. You should undergo pulmonary rehabilitation as it helps you to improve your exercise capacity, asthma control and provide quality life by reducing depression, wheezing and bronchial inflammation.

Pranayam Lung and Heart Institute provides a unique program that includes evaluation of the patient, exercise, education, counselling, risk factor modification and learning ways to live a healthier life.

It’s an important intervention that prevents and mitigates the adverse effects of prolonged bed rest and mechanical ventilation during critical illness.

Our plan is tailored according to every patients' needs considering their conscious state, psychological status and physical strength. It incorporates both active and passive therapy that promotes movement and includes mobilisation.

We would recommend you to visit our website to know more about it.

While staying outdoors, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Try to limit contact with people outside to lower the risk of catching the virus.

  • Never travel during peak times on public transport. The better idea is to walk or ride a bike rather than taking public transportation.

  • All companies should take preventive measures to avoid crowding entrances and exits.

  • Stay about 2 metres away from your colleagues as droplets are released when even people talk or cough. Learn to wear a mask throughout the day to protect yourself and others.

  • Try to work from home if you can or make reasonable adjustments accordingly.

  • Wash hands for 20 seconds or use alcohol-based sanitiser before and after touching any surfaces.

  • Wash your clothes regularly as studies show that the virus can survive on fabrics for a few days.

  • Wearing a mask should be the norm. Choose one that is breathable and covers your nose and mouth.

If you’ve already made your mind to return to work, then there are a few things you need to follow strictly:

  • In the case of a long-term lung condition, experiencing flu jab is very common. Follow your instincts and make sure you work from home to prevent the threat of the coronavirus.

  • Try to minimise contact even inside the house, particularly with senior citizens.

  • Consider working from home unless necessary.

If you have symptoms such as high fever, dry cough or muscle pain, as they are less typical of a flare-up and may be symptoms of coronavirus, you should self-isolate. Call the Govt. of India helpline 1075 or call us for assistance.

Pranayam Lung & Heart Institute (PLHI) has been providing effective solutions for the cure of Respiratory (lung/chest) and Cardiac (heart) care as a regional and national centre of excellence for the past 38 years.

Why choose us?

  • PLHI has been able to develop itself into an ideal module to cure respiratory and cardiac diseases with its latest technology and unmatched skills.

  • We believe in ‘Care above Self,’ i.e. our doctors and experts make sure of pushing it to an extra mile and provide a result-oriented approach round the clock.

  • Our research centre helps to keep abreast with the latest innovation and advancements in the industry.

Make an appointment today!

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