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Myths about Heart Diseases


Should you stop going to gym or do exercise when in heart pain? Does your age define your healthiness? Does smoking only affects lungs and not heart? Are heart diseases gender biased and occurs only to man? In the following point, we have tried to explain different myths and facts about various heart diseases. Read along and let us know in case of any query. Changing lifestyle and lack of physical exercises has put 74% urban Indians at risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, as per a World Health Organisation (WHO) report, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) would be the largest cause of death and disability in India by 2020. Let’s get ourselves ready before its too late! #ShatterTheMyths #KnowTheFacts

1. Myth: Exercising is a bad idea if you have a heart disease Fact : Having a heart disease and staying lousy or physically inactive can adversely affect your heart muscles and may worsen the blood flow to the brain as well as other vital organs. Hence, physicians usually recommend 2-3 hours of exercise per week. What should you do before taking any steps? Consult your physician and ask for his/her advice on the kind of exercises you should do and the convenient duration.

2. Myth : Generation Y (18 to 33years old) does not have cholesterol Fact : Looking at the change in lifestyle of urban youth and eating habits, it is highly recommended that one should get their cholesterol checked every five years after passing teenage. It’s even more important for the children who have the family history of heart disease to get this test done at an earlier age. What can you do? Eat healthy. Breath healthy. Stay happy. Exercise regularly.

3. Myth : Smoking only affects your lungs and not heart. Fact : Smoking affects all of our vital organs be it heart, lungs, blood vessels or skin. The chemicals in tobacco harm the blood cells and hence damages the heart as well as blood vessels. This damage increases your risk of atherosclerosis. What should you do? Quit smoking! NOW! or attend our free Smoking Cessation Camp every 3rd Thursday of the month. You could also call our Helpline (07383207007 in case of any help.

4. Myth : Heart disease is a man’s problem Fact : Since 1984, statistics show that more women than men have died each year from heart disease.The American Heart Association reports that more women die each year from CVD than all forms of cancer combined, with heart disease-causing approximately one-third of deaths in women each year. What can you do? Make sure that you get the basic heart-care tests done regularly after a certain age (around 40 years).

5. Myth : Heart failure is stopping of heart beats Fact : Heart failure means the heart does not pump as much blood as required by the body. Whereas the heart stops beating during cardiac arrest. Heart failure can cause shortness of breath, swelling of the feet and ankles or persistent coughing and wheezing. During cardiac arrest, a person loses consciousness and stops normal breathing. What can you do? In any which case consult a Cardiologist immediately. Should you have any questions? Post your queries on our Facebook page or visit our hospital and our experts should get back to you

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