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Impact of COVID-19 on Heart and Lungs Expert Tips

At Pranayam Lung & Heart Institute, we provide comprehensive treatment for patients with cardiac and respiratory conditions. We are also among the best-known hospitals in Vadodara to provide physiotherapy treatment to the COVID-19 patients.

We are known as one of the best Lung and Heart Hospital in Vadodara for our specialised team of medical practitioners and high-advanced technology.

As we are aware that COVID-19 is an upper respiratory illness that infected people and can quickly spread when they breathe, speak, sneeze or cough near people – even if they don't know they have it. This is why we should be social distancing and wear masks when we are outside.

We, at Pranayam Lung and Heart Institute, offer specialised treatment to COVID-19 patients, also we give physiotherapy sessions to help them in fighting the ailment. In this blog, learn about what our corona warrior Dr Hetal Shah, Consultant Intensivist at Pranayam Lung & Heart Institute, has to say! She shares her insights regarding the disease and the concern of family members or relatives of the patients. But before that, let's get a glimpse of the effect of Coronavirus on lungs and heart with the risk factor for patients having earlier lung or heart ailments.

COVID-19 and Lungs

Once the virus enters the chest, it impacts a person's airways – causing inflammation. However, it is mild for some people; the swelling and tightness that results from airway inflammation is like a sprained windpipe.

According to our lung specialists, there have been cases wherein for some people, the infection becomes more severe, and the lung tissue itself becomes swollen and filled with fluid and debris from dead cells. This is clinically referred to as pneumonia.

Patients having asthma or COPD, generally have less respiratory reserve than a person with no lung ailments. Therefore, these individuals are more vulnerable to the disease.

COVID-19 and the Heart

Earlier COVID-19 was thought to be a respiratory disease, affecting the lungs. If the lungs were not able to work at full steam, thus the strain on the heart increased as it had to work harder to pump pure-blood all around the body. With the entire focus of considering COVID-19 as respiratory problem and hospitals are securing ventilators, physicians are grappling a new medical mystery. It is now seen that COVID-19 patients are developing heart problems and losing life due to cardiac arrest, according to our cardiologists in Vadodara.

Therefore, people with any severe medical conditions related to lungs and heart should be extra vigilant.

Have a closer look further to know what our corona warrior Dr Hetal Shah has to say about battling against the deadly pandemic.

Dr Hetal Shah, Consultant Intensivist at Pranayam Lung & Heart Institute, talks about what goes behind treating COVID patients:

  • Common questions patients have

  • Importance of family counselling

  • Information for family members of COVID patient.

Dr Hetal Shah explains the concerns of COVID patients and their family members. She also assures that Pranayam Lung & Heart Institute is a reliable lung and heart hospital in Vadodara with experienced staff to treat patients. Talking about COVID-19, she highlights the following:

Most common questions patients ask:

The first question in the mind of any patient would be - will I be okay? When will go home? Will I need oxygen or ventilator? To these questions, she explains that Corona isn't something to fear about, for smooth recoveries, a patient doesn't require oxygen or ventilator and can be cured in 8-10 days in the hospital.

What to expect after patient discharge? She strongly recommends home isolation of 14 days once the patient is discharged from the hospital.

Consultants in COVID-19 cases

The second and the most beneficial aspect she highlights is on the importance of family counselling. She emphasises on the state of mind of the family members and the level of the anxiety among them. They are eager to know about their member in the hospital regarding their recovery, medications, etc.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus doesn't allow anyone to meet the infected patient due to the tendency of the disease of transmitting easily. Therefore, Pranayam Lung and heart hospital known for its team of qualified professionals offers family counselling.

What do we do? Our consultant talks to the family member or relative of the patient daily. The consultant gives updates about the patient regarding his/her recovery, medications and other health updates. The consultant can communicate over the phone as well (if the family member or relative can't visit in-person).

Get yourself treated from the best lung specialists in Vadodara.

Information for family members

In the third aspect, she gives some helpful information for family members of the COVID-19 patient. She strongly recommends getting yourself tested if you develop any symptom wherein any of your family members is COVID-19 positive or if you have been in contact with an infected one recently. Follow home isolation for 14 days strictly.

And finally, Dr Hetal Shah ends the note that you shouldn't fear of Corona but be cautious.

Quick COVID-19 Tips to Stay healthy:

1. Start your day with 30 minutes workout session.

2. Drink plenty of water in a single day.

3. Include yoga and meditation to keep your mind calm, and body relaxed.

4. Have your last meal 3-4 hours before bedtime.

5. Avoid junk and fizzy drinks.

6. Don't oversleep and have a healthy sleep cycle.

7. Say no to excessive intake of caffeine.

8. Know your limits when working out.

9. Dance and let go of stress.

10. Do aerobics and cardio twice or thrice a week.

Things might seem difficult right now, it is about choosing a way of life to be healthy, wealthy, wise, and fit. Make the right choice for mind, body and soul. Consult one of the best lungs and heart hospital in Vadodara.

And one last piece of advice:

Regardless of whether you've never had COVID-19, are recovering from COVID-19 or had COVID-19 weeks or months ago, wearing a mask while outside your home is a responsible and vital step in keeping yourself and our community safe from COVID-19. We are all in this together and have the power to help stop the pandemic and return life to normal.

While a vaccine for Coronavirus is still under work and might take a while before it is tested and certified for usage, our best bet right now is to stay safe, stay indoors and avoid crowds. A few simple precautions like maintaining hygiene and sanitising your environment will go a long way in countering the spread of COVID-19 infection.

Stay home, stay safe!

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