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Our Team ➝ Dr. Chandrakant Shah

Dr. Chandrakant Shah


Consultant Pulmonologist & Medical Director

Clinical Experience:

30 years


The list will be infinite, but the most noteworthy being having treated a patient from cross border (Pakistan) and setting an example for the industry for the moons to come.

Dr. Chandrakant Shah

Role at PLHI (Bio)

Dr. Shah is senior most pulmonologist of Vadodara city and has taught at Vadodara Medical College for more than 30 years. He is a witness to the growth of chest medicine from a small subspecialty of general medicine to a full-fledged super speciality form days ofrigid bronchoscopy to VATS, from chest screening to HRCT and from streptomycin to GenExpert.He is the chief mentor and captain of the PLHI team and guides the team withhis vast clinical experience spanning more than three decades.

Area of Expertise

➣ Tuberculosis 

➣ Lung Cancer 

➣ Intercoastal and Pleural Drainage

➣ Asthma

Extracurricular Interests

➣ Avid reader and likes to read on all topics related to autobiographies 

➣ Religious Books

➣ Fiction

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